About Ret[AI]ling Data

Ret[AI]ling Data Enterprise is a smart sales consulting company that focuses on the integration of consumer experiences and artificial intelligence (A.I.) in Taiwan. The company aims to provide the best expansion solution for clients who seek growth opportunity from offline retailing business in urban areas, as well as for clients who target to offer offline interaction experiences for their existing online business. Currently, Ret[AI]ling Data Enterprise facilitates retailing chain industry to drive precise decision-making in selecting locations to expand branches. Retailing chain industry can easily leverages the visualized data which reflects relative size, location, and consumption power in various commercial districts. In the future, the company targets to be the largest retailing data consultation company in Asia.

Customized data

Through face recognition and human flow detection technology, Ret[AI]ling Data Enterprise assists clients to gather data from in-store customers. Therefore, customized marketing toward each consumer and efficiency from utilizing in-store space can be reached.

Data visualization

Ret[AI]ling Data Enterprise provides visualized data that strengthens and highlights core message. Managers can rapidly apprehend and react to meanings behind the data.

AIoT system

Through efficient integration of front- and back-end equipment, Ret[AI]ling Data Enterprise provides an easy-to-use application system. Customers can easily adjust their marketing strategy based on the information they gatherer from their own stores and branches.

Product & Service

Data-Driven Plane Line Point

Ret[AI]ling Data®
Smart Business Expansion (SBE)

  1. Big Data Collecting and Reacting
  2. Cloud Storage Computing Technology
  3. Data visualization

This product provides heat map that is based on the B2C invoice amount released from Ministry of Finance.

Along with the data collected from Smart Movement Flow (SMF) and Smart Sales Promotion (SSP), our clients can realize time frame each customer stays in a given store, their age and invoice amount within a certain district. Customer Active Index (CAI) is therefore calculated and transferred into visualized chart to assist our clients making precise decision in expanding their branches.

Ret[AI]ling Data®
Smart Movement Flow (SMF)

  1. Big Data Collection and Preprocessing
  2. Visual Image Detection
  3. Character Line Analysis

This product detects and records the direction and intensity of people in a commercial shopping mall or district. It would facilitate our clients to design or arrange the layout in the shopping area to avoid people crowding. In addition, vehicles can also be detected to assist our clients managing their entrance/exit to protect safety of their customers.

Ret[AI]ling Data®
Smart Sales Promotion (SSP)

  1. Machine Learning/Deep Learning
  2. Character Recognition
  3. Instant Marketing Conversion

Through technology mentioned above, the company collects data and analyzes consumer shopping preferences. Therefore, our clients can simultaneously provide personalized services to their customers to enhance offline shopping experiences. In addition, through camera monitor system, our clients can easily capture information such as age, gender, and hot-selling products, etc., which will in return lead to smart marketing and efficient inventory control.

Location and contacts

No. 499, Xinzhong North Road, Zhongli District, Taoyuan City (Office 311) (R & D CENTER FOR SMART MANUFACTURING, CYCU)
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